TEAM began as my attempt to reimagine the reality of media and authentic production in 2018. We are now actively reconstructing this reality through our work, programming, community building, and platform. As young artists of color we are far too familiar with the socio-economic barriers around creating art. TEAM exists to eradicate these barriers.”-Sage, 20, Founder and Creative Director of TEAM.

“With TEAM, we’re reimagining inclusivity, professionalism, and what it means to be a media platform. Through our strive for the most sustainable practice that prioritizes the voices of our young, black, queer, artistic community, we aim to use our most valuable resource, each other, to create, commission, and publish art that, through its very existence, is activism.” -Zahri, 20, Media Production Director of TEAM.

Ashley- Photography Director TEAM MAG

Sage- Founder, Creative Director TEAM MAG, Co-Director of Content TEAM Studios


Zahri- Media Production Manager TEAM MAG, Co-Director of Content TEAM Studios

“I remember when I was first asked to join TEAM. This was around the beginning stages in high school of knowing that I wanted to document others. The collective quickly began to grow and I felt a deep sense of fellowship and self development through partnering with other young people that wanted to create just as much as I did. By simply gathering and highlighting individuality. TEAM is more than firm in its foundation of including all identities, and truly being a safe space for youth to thrive through creativity”. -Ashley, 20, Photography Director at TEAM

At TEAM we are actively exploring the possibility of transforming the existing capitalist structures in media. We are in pursuit of creating an equitable, authentic, impactful and universally-accessible community youth-platform. For too long the stories of our Teammates have been not only told without them, but intentionally altered in order to preserve pervasive anti-black, brown, and queer narratives. We are creating a future where WE can thrive, innovate, share, and build endlessly. At TEAM we are engineering possibility.