A mini-comic portrait collection of queer couples. Illustrated by Iman Daydream.

Tetra & Robin; Tetra is a nonbinary trans woman & Robin is her bisexual boyfriend.

For Queer Black people, there is little representation in comics and illustrations. In a field saturated by white, cis, straight characters, rarely do Trans and nonbinary people get to see and imagine ourselves reflected in fantastical illustrations on a widespread basis. Iman Daydream’s work sets them apart by presenting to the world, Queer, Black, dark skin characters who are cool, powerful, and full of joy and life. TEAM is more than happy to get the opportunity to partner with Iman to tell this story and share their work.

Iman is a black nonbinary comics illustrator. Their work explores black gender and sexuality through humor and elements of fantasy. Iman’s favorite color schemes to work with are colorful pastels and dark skin tones to create beautiful contrast. For Iman, pastel colors feel fresh and fun, and bring out a softer side of the queer experience. Their major influences are the camp and super-flat art movements.

Nonbinary lesbians Vee & Carmen

“Iman’s talent was visible to me instantly. Their artistic point of view beautiful and captivating. They we’re an obvious artist to partner with for this project.”

-Sage Dolan-Sandrino, Creative Director TEAM

Jecht & Jodie; Jecht is gay & Jodie is nonbinary.

“What I loved instantly about Iman’s work was their commitment to capturing joy and love within their illustrations. Iman captures their characters as if they are our fond friends, our community, something I think aligns perfectly with TEAM’s mission.” -Zahri Josita Jackson, Media Production Director TEAM

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